You should tell ellie!! Or would you like me to handle them?

Ah Flora! *tail wags happily* I haven’t seen you in a long time~! *he hugs her before laughing lightly* I-Its alright~ I think me and Lottie can h-handle them~ *smiles*

Hnnnn….T-Those dreadful ducklets came by the bakery today~ *squeaks* They kept laughing at m-me for no reason~ *Scared Minccino noises* W-Was it the way I looked~? I d-dont knoooow~ *ears flop downward* 


Another window was broken today….~ Haha….*weak laugh*

I always keep telling Ellie to use the front door instead~ ;;;




Hmmm~? *The Chandelure whirled around towards the unfamiliar stranger, tilting his head to the side as he grinned rather mischievously* Is that so~? I must say, that is a rather interesting notion, in its own way of course~ *he quietly glided over towards the other* And what can I do for you good sir~?


Tahniel merely smirked confidently at the other. “Quite interesting indeed~And as for why I’m here..I guess you could say that that oh so sweet and metallic scent of crimson brought me here~Ufufu~” He peered closer at the male with magenta eyes and tilted his head curiously, finger to his lips. “Hmm..have we..met before?”


Oh really now….~ *a rather devilish smirk curled upon the Chandelure’s pale lips* Yes, I do have to have to agree with you on there~ The metallic scent of blood is such an irresistible and beautiful thing~

*he chuckled, placing a finger to his lips as well* Hmmmm….I’m not exactly sure~ Yet you have such a familiar aura around you good sir~ *smirk*


"Well that’s good to hear."


"Things have been…interesting at the lab lately…"
 He quickly hid a blue band on his right arm with his hand.


Oh really~? *His ears twitched lightly, not really noticing what the other had done* W-What sort of interesting things have happened~? *tail wags in excitement*

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*Max then gave Mocha some room.* Yeah, it has. How have things been with you lately, friend?

Oh I’ve been just fine~ Just a little more busier than usual~ I’ve been working at my bakery more often lately~ So many customers as of late~ *he smiles* Oh but don’t worry! I’m managing very well! Yes yes! *determined Chinchilla face*



….I think….that the next Chubbert died….what am I going to do…..Mocha’s gonna be dissapointed…. HNNNNNNNNNN

Is he growing to be nice and healthy this time~? *wags tail. Has absolutely no idea that it died….AGAIN*

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➹ for angel .3.


'Day Care is shometimes scawyyy~ Maybwe I can talk to thwose kids over there~ Ok I can do dish! 

Ok..Ok I think they shaid yesh! Yesh! They said I can pway with them! I’m shoo happy!! Wait till I tell big bwotha’!’

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➹➹➹➹ two for mocha two for angel!~))


'Hmmm…I wonder if we have enough ingredients for tonight's dinner~? Oh Oh! Maybe they might be having that 50% off sale at the supermarket~! Yes Yes! I need to get there right away before it gets too crowded!Oh but wait…I can’t leave Angel all by herself, that wouldn’t be safe at all~ Hmmm…then again maybe I can take her with me~ No no you darn Minccino! Angel needs to stay inside at this time of night! There are lots of horrid kid snatchers out there~ Ooooooh…I guess I could just go another day~’


'Be on your best behavior today Mocha. You need to look very presentable for the custome- Oh! Theres one now. Smiiiiile~ Smiiiile~ Thats it, you're doing good Mocha. Oh no no please don't touch the glass miss I just cleaned i- Oh no no no please tell your child to stop putting their sticky lollipop against i- …..Oh dear..I guess I'll just clean it once they leave~ Oh thank goodness Lottie is here, maybe she can help me out~'


'Hrmm, I wonda' if bwig bwotha is gonna mwake fwish for dinna'. I'm weeaaaally hungwyyyyyy~'


'Big Bwotha's face looks really funny. I wonder if anotha' Chubwert Chubbingtwon died.'

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O-Oof~!! *he stumbles a little back, then wags his tail at the familiar face* H-Hello Max~ Its been awhile hasn’t it~? *he smiles happily*